Call and Response

Call and Response: Creative Interpretations of the Wylie House

Call and Response: Creative Interpretations of Wylie House is an artistic extension of the Wylie House Museum’s commitment to share the lesser-known histories of people associated with the 1835 home. We called upon artists to consider the women and children who spent their lives in the Wylie home, the African Americans who worked in the home, the displaced Native Americans who once lived upon the land the Wylies farmed, the immigrants in town, and the lives of the men and women whose sexual identity fell outside the heteronormative culture. In pursuit of narratives that tell all of our stories, the Wylie House continues its interpretive journey through the transformative power of contemporary art.

Exhibit will run from March 5-September 12, 2020.

The exhibit and opening reception are free and open to the public. If you have a disability and need assistance, arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs. For more information, please email or call (812) 8565-6224

Thursday, March 5
Remarks at 5:30pm
Wylie House Museum
307 E. 2nd St. 

Scenes from the Wylie House Pre-Installation