Our Mission

We’re creating exhilarating moments of discovery

An actress sings on stage, alone.

The Council is dedicated to supporting, organizing, and promoting our campus’s many outstanding programs in the arts and humanities. It is committed to creating rich arts and humanities experiences for all members of the IU community—for all majors, all schools, all offices, and all who visit or are touched by this campus.

We believe that the values and experiences that define the arts and humanities can enliven any degree or career path. Artists and humanists help us think about the use of materials, the arrangement of space and time, and the presentation of information; they inspire us to experiment with style and expression; they draw us to beauty and sometimes its opposite; they help us navigate competing views and values; they teach us to pause and to play.

In a word, the arts and humanities challenge us to grow, constantly, to question and advance our perceptions and beliefs, to lead an ever more thoughtful, more committed life. The council is dedicated to this process and protecting it as a vital component of IU’s larger educational mission.

We encourage you to philosophize wildly, to tinker for hours, to geek out and make no apologies for doing so.