What a Week!

Quarantine(d) Conversations

IU Arts & Humanities Council

In this week's episode, faculty members Emily Beckman, Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, and Anne Beeson Royalty discuss "Humanism, Public Policy, and Medical Practice."

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IU Arts & Humanities Council

Featuring performances and presentations by ceramics artist Malcolm Smith, poet Maria Hamilton Abegunde, board game enthusiast Marco Arnaudo, and literary translator Bill Johnston.

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Nevertheless, Live: Writing Our Living Through Poems and Stories

Center for Rural Engagement

Over the course of this six-week virtual writing workshop, tell your own unique stories and ask the question: how does one live? Write together to tell your lives and imagine your future lives in a fun, stress-free, and engaging atmosphere.

Weave Your Story

Stillness by Laura Aguilar

Kinsey Institute

Photographer Laura Aguilar’s work focuses on the intersection of gender, sexual orientation, body politics, ableism, and identity. Her work is both personal and political, difficult and humorous, intimate and expansive. This photo is from the series “Stillness”, taken in San Antonio, TX. Her aesthetic choices reflect traditional landscape photography, an area of visual art which, like most others, was popularized by white men, but inserting herself into the image dramatically changes the dynamic.

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