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Kinsey Institute Library Tour

Kinsey Institute

Take a virtual tour of the Kinsey Institute library with Libary and Special Collections Director Liana Zhou, as she highlights materials from 17th Century Chinese erotica to 20th Century American cartoons. 

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Quarantine(d) Conversations

IU Arts & Humanities Council

In this week's episode, faculty members Patty Ingham, Linda Charnes, and Jennifer McComas discussed "Representing Illness, Contagion, and Death."

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IU Arts & Humanities Council

Featuring performances and demonstrations from poet Adrian Matejka, architect and artist T. Kelly Wilson, and pianists Paloa Del Negro Plano and Roberto Plano. 

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Messages from A&H Leaders

Arts and Humanities Council

Campus leaders reflect on the importance of the arts and humanities in building, sustaining, and strengthening community, especially in times of great challenge and uncertainty.

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