Expanding the Bounds of Knowledge & Culture

IU Bloomington is home to some of today's leading scholars in the arts & humanities, as well as a wide array of museums, libraries, archives, and research institutes that draw scholars from around the world to campus for lectures, symposia, and collaborative projects that expand the bounds of knowledge, culture, and the human condition.

The Arts & Humanities Council contributes to the campus research culture through a variety of initiatives that touch upon diverse fields in the arts & humanities and support faculty and students in schools and departments all across campus.

Public Arts & Humanities Grants

As part of its mission to foster Indiana University Bloomington's longstanding strengths in the arts and humanities and celebrate their public value and significance, the IU Bloomington Arts and Humanities Council has initiated new internal funding programs to advance the work of faculty artists and scholars.

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Salo University

Salo University is a public humanities project dedicated to accessible and engaging conversations around the works of Kurt Vonnegut, one of the Hoosier state's more renowned authors. Featuring reflections and commentary from IU Bloomington Faculty, Salo University invites readers to think of Vonnegut's most famous novels from a variety of scholarly perspectives.

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