Artists Row

Supporting Local Artists!

Artists Row provides a place for IU student artists and professional artists from around Bloomington to share their work with the community during the First Thursday Festival. Artists will be selling work in a variety of media, including painting, ceramics, jewelry, and more. 

IU Student Artists

Natalia Trevino Amaro

Kennedy Gallagher is a senior at IU studying business management with minors in marketing and Spanish. She and her friend Natalia Trevino Amaro launched the brand "Natalia Trevino Amaro" in June of 2020. Two things most valuable to them are ethics and sustainability. The fashion industry can be very harmful to the environment and its workers and they have made it a goal to not contribute to that. Because of this, they built a zero-waste company utilizing deadstock fabrics, natural fiber fabrics, thrifted fabrics, and remnants to create their clothing. All pieces are handmade and personally designed, so each piece of clothing is one-of-a-kind. Kennedy and Natalia are extremely proud of the growth they have seen in themselves and in their small fashion business in the two years it has been running, and can't wait to continue to see it grow in the future.

Sophie Cahlamer

Sophie Cahlamer is a junior at IU and has been crocheting for the past three years. In that span of time she has made anything from stuffed animals, tote bags, shirts, and earrings. She has since had friends and family commission items from her, able to make something to their specifications, but this is the first time she has sold her creations on a larger scale and it is SO exciting! Stop by her booth to see her 70s inspired

Coffey's Closet

Coffey’s Closet is run by Sydney Coffey, an Arts management major at IU. She started to explore sewing, embroidering and painting at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and learned she had a passion for creating unique fashion pieces and wearable art out of second hand materials.


Donya Collins

Donya Collins is a senior at Indiana University studying Studio Art BA and works in digital, multimedia and various media to express authentically the experience of a black woman and her imagination. She likes to paint both the Black experience and various concepts as a character designer. She typically is inspired by life whether it be the people around her, an event or politics and will take whatever idea/concept in her head and run with it.


Isabelle Davis

Isabelle is an artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is currently studying in the BFA printmaking program and minoring in Folklore at Indiana University Bloomington. She has a strong love for the imagination and creating art in a meditative way. On weekends, she plays with and designs for the band Maccogallo. For her, creating art is a way to connect and grow.


Heather East

Heather East is a third year studio art student at Indiana University. Some of her main focuses include printmaking, oil painting, and collages. Her work is usually lighthearted and silly, and she also draws inspiration from her own queer identity, expressing herself through new and unique art pieces.


Jay Filer

Jay Filer is a non-binary artist that moves between mediums. They are currently a graduate student pursuing an M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling.  Jay typically works as a freelance digital artist with their main focus as portraiture. They are often inspired by pop art and other loud creative ways to express what they see in the world. They started creating digital art near the beginning of the pandemic and continue to evolve their style and technique. 

Josephine Froelich

Josephine Froelich is a senior at Indiana University double majoring in Painting BFA and Arabic language. She has been painting seriously since her senior year of high school. She knew painting was her passion and decided to major in it. Additionally, she is contracted with the United States Army in the IU ROTC program. In her work she loves to paint figures in nature.


Emilia Howe is a freshman at Indiana University majoring in anthropology. Emiliascrafts was a project started in 2020, and explores a variety of styles. Her most recent work takes inspiration from religious symbolism and iconography, feminine archetypes, and the relationship between natural materials and the idea of beauty and adornment through time.

Emily Grimaldi

Emily Grimaldi is a 20-year-old multimedia artist from New Jersey. She specializes in drawing, printmaking, and jewelry making, taking inspiration from animation, op art, mythology, magic, and the natural environment.

Emily Grimaldi

Heidi Peng

Heidi Peng is a junior at IU studying Psychology and Graphic Design. She is also the President of the AIGA Student Group at IU, the Creative Director of Di:verse Dance Crew and a small business owner. She enjoys writing, illustrating and watching anime during her free time. Much of her work centers on her identity as an American Born Chinese woman, but she enjoys exploring her other interests, like illustration, in her design work as well. You can view her work or reach out at


Anna Prager

Anna Kay Prager is a Freshman at IU who is studying Hospitality and Psychology. She is the artist behind artwurmz where she experiments with a number of materials, specializing in pen and ink. She has recently explored the world of reworked apparel, jewelry, and stickers. Her art is nothing to be taken too seriously, as the joy comes through the chaos of her process. Her style ranges from grotesque surrealism to cute, simplistic doodles.

IU Metals + Jewelry Guild

The IU Metals + Jewelry Guild is an organization made up of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design students from the Eskenazi School of Art and Design. They will be selling their handcrafted work, including necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and more! A wide variety of styles, from both traditional and contemporary techniques, will be showcased.

Bloomington Community Artists

Allie & Tess

Allie McHaley is the sole creator behind Allie & Tess. Using the earthy elements of copper, natural stones, and organics such as leaves and blossoms, Allie creates unique pieces of jewelry through the process of electroforming. Allie's work is inspired by energy, and created with intention.

Ba Ba Buttons

Ba Ba Buttons is run by Bobb Easterbrook and Amelia Shroyer. Their background in creating buttons stems from having little money while playing in bands, running a record label, and putting out zines. They’ve always loved getting a message out with an inexpensive format that's also fashionable and kept that in mind when they started BBB by offering high quality wholesale buttons, magnets, bottle openers and keychains for bands, labels, book companies, artists, bars, restaurants, non profits, charities and anyone that has something to say with little money to say it. When they're not making buttons for other people, they like to make political and non-political buttons with a sense of tongue in cheek humor to challenge people's perspectives of the world we live in.


badknees is a local t-shirt shop that offers custom screen printing services. Original designs are said to be humorous, positive and sometimes both. You can find badknees on the B-Line in Bloomington.

Christian Bowden

Christian (he/him) is a multidisciplinary artist + illustrator based in Bloomington, IN. He primarily works in sculpture, painting, and digital illustration. Christian has always loved to draw and enjoys using his illustration skills to bring big ideas to life for his clients. In his personal practice, he explores the complexities we face living with and through representational media in contemporary life.

Greenhaus Deco

Annie (she/her) is an artisan of hand made body care including massage candles, cream deodorant & sugar wax. Crafting products from pure, natural ingredients. Annie’s desire for self connection is poured into each of these products to reflect how slowing down to nurture and explore each curve of your body plays into your physical and mental well-being. Greenhaus Deco crafts natural body care products that will keep you connected with your ever changing self.

Bethany Habegger

Bethany Habegger is an oil painter who also dabbles in a variety of other mediums, such as printmaking, watercolor, and drawing. Her work focuses on texture within abandoned or mundane spaces and the shared histories within them. She recently finished her BFA thesis in Painting at Indiana University.

Kenzye Layne

Kenzye Layne graduated in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management from Indiana University Bloomington. She hopes to pursue a career as a mixed-media fiber artist focused on one-of-one upcycled artworks for the everyday. Kenzye’s fiber works use embroidery to align herself with female artists past and present. By doing so, she attempts to honor this expressive stitching tradition while interrogating her experience in the world as a female, as an artist, and as someone who struggles with mental illness. Through creative use of multiple mediums and emotionally charged color, she’s able to make sense of the chaotic fibers of our lives while attempting to mend the arbitrary divide that has long existed between art and craft.

Kathleen Meska Pottery

I have been working exclusively with clay for the last 25 years.  I create both functional and decorative work. I sell my work in galleries, fine art shows and do commissions. I have my BS in art education and have been teaching art all my adult life. I  love sharing my passion with others. I find it incredible that something beautiful and functional can be made with “mud”. Clay enables me to create in so many ways. I work with both stoneware and porcelain. I am inspired by the textures, patterns and forms in nature. My work is wheel thrown, altered, and hand built. I fire in a reduction atmosphere to enhance the surfaces of the clay and glazes. My functional ware is not only food safe but can be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher. I am involved in our local clay guild. I also continue to take workshops and attend conferences to learn new skills and techniques. My favorite thing besides creating the work is when I have a returning customer telling me how much they enjoy using my pottery. I hope you like my work and that you enjoy your purchases for years to come.


Honey Hodges

Honey Hodges of AllNewGrowth is a mixed media artist. They primarily work with paper and canvas but also thread, wire, gold leaf, and paint. Their focus in artwork is intuitive collage and movement found in stillness.

Georgiya Mitchell

Georgiya Mitchell was born and raised in Bulgaria by two artist parents. At the age of ten, she and her family immigrated to New York City. She attended Laguardia High School and studied Visual Arts, going on to study Anthropology, Philosophy, Biology, and Yoga in college. After graduating, she traveled the world with her partner and discovered her passion for making wearable art—textile and jewelry—that embodies spiritual meaning. She currently lives and works happily in Bloomington, Indiana.

See Georgiya Mitchell's Work

ReBloomed Designs

Rebloomed Design was started in 2017 by Daisy May. Daisy describes her designs by saying, “I work to find unique ways to convert what already exists into something new. By working with secondhand textiles such as quilts, linens, and other everyday household materials, I create clothing that is nostalgic and gives the wearer a sense of comfort and content”.

Sarah Spomer

Sarah Spomer received an MFA from Texas Tech University and a BFA from IU Herron School of Art and Design. She is a recipient of Indiana’s 2021 On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator grant, and her work has been featured in several national and international exhibitions. She explores means of integrating textile, print, and drawing media to create distinct designs in metal. Her work embraces process and motion, using repetition and texture to convey beauty in chance.

Sam Sondgerath

Sam Sondgerath received a BFA in Textiles from IU in 2014.  She weaves with alpaca fleece from her own alpacas, recycled/second hand materials, and colorful cotton yarns under the name Fairywood Fiber. She creates woven home goods, tapestries and wearables, and felted soaps. You can find some of her work in the local yarn shop, Rebel Purl.  Her Instagram is @fairywoodfiber.


Vintage Film Finds

Vintage Film Finds was started to preserve and give new life to old photographs. B. Wells Douglas, the founder, has collected over 30,000 photographs from the 1900s to the early 2000s and has digitally archived 10,000 of them. He has obtained the photographs through donations, estate sales, thrift stores, and online. He uses the photographs in his artistic practice including digital art, sculpture, and jewelry.