Artists Row

Supporting Local Artists!

Artists Row Presented by Baird provides a place for IU student artists and professional artists from around Bloomington to share their work with the community during the First Thursday Festival. Artists will be selling work in a variety of media, including painting, ceramics, jewelry, and more. 

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April First Thursday Cancellation

Due to unseasonably low temperatures in the forecast for April 1 and our 'rain date' of April 2, we have sadly cancelled the April First Thursday Festival. We hope to bring back Artists Row in the fall, when First Thursdays will return stronger than ever.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the work of the amazing student and community artists below. Visit their websites and IG pages to find out how you show them your support. 

IU Student Artists

Heather Ahmann

Heather is in the BFA program for Fibers. She embroiders, knits, and crochets, usually to make practical or worn objects. She looks forward to making larger projects and creating accessible handmade objects.

Molly Brodzeller

After learning the craft of stained glass in high school, I knew I would come back to it as a hobby someday. Once the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine really set in, this was a perfect opportunity to get back into it and Stained Glass by Molly B was started in June 2020. Doing mostly commissions, my customers tell me what they'd like, I put together a sketch, confirm it with the customer, and create it out of glass.


Sarah Jane Bryant

Hi there! I'm Sarah Jane, founder of Honeydew! Bright pinks to aqua blues, I'm a lover of color and handmade things. All pieces are crafted by yours truly, and specially for you! Honeydew is vintage inspired, and made to embrace your inner flower child!


Isabelle Davis

The majority of my personal work is abstract painting. At the moment, I take inspiration from the sounds of my favorite music and from the shapes and figures within petroglyphs. Moving forward, I want to focus on combining the characteristics of folksy and futuristic within my work.



Jay Filer

My name is Jay Filer and I am a non-binary and queer artist. My main medium is digital art, but I also create jewelry and traditional acrylic art paintings. I have always been interested in art but started my own business where I take commissions at the beginning of the pandemic to support myself.

Josephine Froelich

Josephine Froelich is a junior at Indiana University double majoring in Painting BFA and Arabic language. She has been painting seriously since her senior year of high school. She knew painting was her passion and decided to major in it. Additionally, she is contracted with the United States Army in the IU ROTC program. In her work she loves to paint figures in nature.

Bethany Habegger

Bethany Habegger is an oil painter who also dabbles in a variety of other mediums, such as printmaking, watercolor, and drawing. Her work focuses on texture within abandoned or mundane spaces and the shared histories within them. She recently just finished her BFA thesis in Painting at Indiana University.


Olivia Kalish

I am a multidisciplinary artist, and I am currently interested in handicrafts— specifically jewelry, crocheted items, and small journals. My work explores notions of identity, femininity, and personal experience.



My goal as Moosy is to create large-scale, realistic mural art that creates excitement, conversation, and pride within communities and the businesses I work with. Mural art is truly art for the people by not being confined by museum walls nor by social or financial stigmas.


Dayana Moreno

My name is Dayanna Moreno, I am currently a sophomore majoring in Dietetics and I am working on expanding my small business. I started to sell my art about two years ago, but I started to take it more seriously this past year. My goals are to simply create art that brings others the happiness, comfort, and color that I feel as I create each individual piece.


Aaron Sizemore

Aaron Sizemore is a Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design BFA candidate and member of the IU Metals Guild, Society of North American Goldsmiths, and Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. His work plays with themes of mythology, folklore, history, and architecture. The jewelry available during this event will include earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, and more- many of which will feature his signature plique-a-jour enamel work.


Bloomington Community Artists

Amanda Baxter

I am a weaver, yarn-dyer and mother of a rambunctious toddler. In 2017 I received my MFA in Textiles from Indiana University, permanently settled in the countryside in the nearby town of Spencer, and have since begun pursuing a creative career dyeing yarn for weavers. I love bringing color into my life as much as possible, and my Tencel™ yarn line dyes radiantly and is a joy to work with.

Allie McHaley

Allie McHaley is the sole creator behind Allie & Tess. Using the earthy elements of copper, natural stones, and organics such as leaves and blossoms, Allie creates unique pieces of jewelry through the process of electroforming. Allie's work is inspired by energy, and created with intention.

Casey Muyskens-Toth

CMT Pottery is a one-woman run business that provides decorative yet functional ceramics for you to use in your daily life. Each porcelain piece is made by hand, thrown on the wheel, decorated, and fired multiple times. It is Casey's hope that folks can find a mixture of vibrancy, nostalgia, and comfort in the daily use of her ceramics.

Nic Pancini-Wagner

The 5th House is a place where art and experiences are crafted with creative magic. Sweet treasures like handmade greeting cards and notebooks can be found alongside light-hearted stickers and exploratory original paintings. Artist Nic Pancini-Wagner is also a death doula and officiant, working with the themes of life, death and milestones in many forms.

Joann QuiƱones

Joann Quiñones is a mixed media, large scale figurative artist who works primarily with clay and fiber. A 2019 graduate of IU, Joann received her MFA in Studio Art, and currently teaches African American, Caribbean, and US Literatures at Earlham College. Joann is the owner of Crown Heron, a specialty online gift shop that primarily sells handmade, ceramic earrings and jewelry.

Sam Sondgerath

Sam Sondgerath obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus on weaving, at Indiana University in 2014.  Since then she has started a homestead where she raises alpacas so she can use their fleece in her weavings. She creates pieces with bold patterns, vibrant colors, and a blend of new and recycled yarns.


Kendall Reeves

I photograph things that have seen better days such as ghost towns, abandoned buildings and discarded vehicles. I take 7-9 images of each scene, exposing for shadow, mid tones, and highlights, and then blending them together in the final image.

Chelsea Sanders

I’m Chelsea Sanders and I was inspired to start my business because my love and passion to create artistically filled my soul, kept my mind wandering and made my heart wild. I work in many mediums but mainly mixed media, acrylics, and oil painting. When I'm not creating in my downtown art studio, I'm running my business, Blueline (a creative agency) and photographing amazing humans! I’m so humbled to create in so many facets and I’m so glad you’re here!


Rachel Whitcomb

Rosmarino candles is a one-woman operation specializing in long lasting & non toxic candles, lovingly hand-poured in small batches and finished off in recyclable, compostable, and plastic free packaging.

Cassidy Young

Cassidy Young, a Bloomington Artist and Educator, will have her IU Spaces and Places Architectural Studies on display. Her work in this series is completed on-site, each in a single setting, in ink and watercolor. Originals, Prints and Postcards of this work will be available for purchase.