Artists Row

Supporting Local Artists!

Artists Row Presented by Baird provides a place for IU student artists and professional artists from around Bloomington to share their work with the community during the First Thursday Festival. Artists will be selling work in a variety of media, including painting, ceramics, jewelry, and more. 

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IU Student Artists

Cofey's Closet

Coffey’s Closet is run by Sydney Coffey, an Arts management major at IU. She started to explore sewing, embroidering and painting at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and learned she had a passion for creating unique fashion pieces and wearable art out of second hand materials.


Heather East

Hi! My name is Heather East and I can never stay focused enough on one type of art so my work differs from medium to medium! Some of my favorite forms to work with are cross-stitching, printmaking, and crocheting! I also love realistic oil painting :-)


Josephine Froelich

Josephine Froelich is a senior at Indiana University double majoring in Painting BFA and Arabic language. She has been painting seriously since her senior year of high school. She knew painting was her passion and decided to major in it. Additionally, she is contracted with the United States Army in the IU ROTC program. In her work she loves to paint figures in nature.

Moosy (Trenton Musch)

My goal as Moosy is to create large-scale, realistic mural art that creates excitement, conversation, and pride within communities and the businesses I work with. Mural art is truly art for the people by not being confined by museum walls nor by social or financial stigmas.


Autumn Siney

Autumn Siney is currently enrolled at Indiana University as a BFA in the Department of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. She was introduced to the world of metal in 2017 and is bound and determined to continue expanding her skills, exploring her craft, and continue learning about the ever-growing and undying art of metalworking. Her current work and collections deal with femininity and mental health, color and repurposed material, and imagery from nature.

Aaron Sizemore

Aaron Sizemore is a Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design BFA candidate and member of the IU Metals Guild, Society of North American Goldsmiths, and Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. His work plays with themes of mythology, folklore, history, and architecture. The jewelry available during this event will include earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, and more- many of which will feature his signature plique-a-jour enamel work.


Sishi Wang

Born in Shenzhen, China, Sishi Wang is pursuing her MFA in Metalsmithing and jewelry design at Indiana University of Bloomington, IN, and she holds a BFA degree from East Carolina University, NC. Her work is rooted in the formal traditions of enameling and silversmithing. Wang draws inspiration from both architectural details and botanical forms as she creates her work. Her work has been published in Art Extravagance Catalog and Alchemy 5: Transformation in Contemporary Enamels.

Bloomington Community Artists

Ba Ba Buttons

Ba Ba Buttons is run by Bobb Easterbrook and Amelia Shroyer. Their background in creating buttons stems from having little money while playing in bands, running a record label, and putting out zines. They’ve always loved getting a message out with an inexpensive format that's also fashionable and kept that in mind when they started BBB by offering high quality wholesale buttons, magnets, bottle openers and keychains for bands, labels, book companies, artists, bars, restaurants, non profits, charities and anyone that has something to say with little money to say it. When they're not making buttons for other people, they like to make political and non-political buttons with a sense of tongue in cheek humor to challenge people's perspectives of the world we live in.


badknees is a local t-shirt shop that offers custom screen printing services. Original designs are said to be humorous, positive and sometimes both. You can find badknees on the B-Line in Bloomington.

Fukan Judo

We are a new local Judo school that looks to provide better access to a healthy training environment with a progressive, anti-hate approach to learning and community building. Judo is a Japanese martial art that relies on throws, foot sweeps, pins, chokes, and armlocks to subdue an opponent. We focus on making the grappling art accessible to identities in the global community who have been negatively impacted by bigotry and violence, specifically women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+. With practice, a judoka (Judo player) will learn to express themselves with their own "game", which is a particular set of techniques that works for them and earns them the win. Fukan Judo is run by the start-up company SHULEO LLC. Both are founded by Sensei Geoff Stewart.

More about Fukan Judo

Gather + Bloomington Handmade Market

Gather is a locally owned handmade gift shop that carries the work of over 300 regional artists and crafters every day of the year, located on the downtown square at 116 N Walnut St.

Bloomington Handmade Market is an indie craft show celebrating 12 years of hosting a bi-annual craft show here in Bloomington, IN showcasing modern & contemporary handmade art & craft.  Next BHM is Nov 13 and 14th from 10a-4p at the Monroe Convention Center.

Liliana Guzmán

This past May, I received my MFA in Photography at the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design at Indiana University. In addition to photography, I incorporate a variety of techniques and mediums in my studio practice including alternative process photography, painting, and drawing. Through making zines, watercolor cards, cyanotype bookmarks and art prints, I seek to emphasize the importance of connection, storytelling, and the special experience of creating and sharing unique handmade works of art with the community.

Bethany Habegger

Bethany Habegger is an oil painter who also dabbles in a variety of other mediums, such as printmaking, watercolor, and drawing. Her work focuses on texture within abandoned or mundane spaces and the shared histories within them. She recently finished her BFA thesis in Painting at Indiana University.

Kenzye Layne

Kenzye Layne graduated in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management from Indiana University Bloomington. She hopes to pursue a career as a mixed-media fiber artist focused on one-of-one upcycled artworks for the everyday. Kenzye’s fiber works use embroidery to align herself with female artists past and present. By doing so, she attempts to honor this expressive stitching tradition while interrogating her experience in the world as a female, as an artist, and as someone who struggles with mental illness. Through creative use of multiple mediums and emotionally charged color, she’s able to make sense of the chaotic fibers of our lives while attempting to mend the arbitrary divide that has long existed between art and craft.

Allie McHaley

Allie McHaley is the sole creator behind Allie & Tess. Using the earthy elements of copper, natural stones, and organics such as leaves and blossoms, Allie creates unique pieces of jewelry through the process of electroforming. Allie's work is inspired by energy, and created with intention.

Mystic Scentaurian

Mystic Scentaurian is an Artisan Alley affiliated artist run by Heather Howard. She makes candles, incense, lip balm, joint and muscle rub, headache relief rub, sugar scrubs, and sea salt scrubs, using natural ingredients, cbd oil and aromatherapy grade essential oils. She also dabbles in some jewelry making.

Mystic Scentaurian

Georgiya Mitchell

Georgiya Mitchell was born and raised in Bulgaria by two artist parents. At the age of ten, she and her family immigrated to New York City. She attended Laguardia High School and studied Visual Arts, going on to study Anthropology, Philosophy, Biology, and Yoga in college. After graduating, she traveled the world with her partner and discovered her passion for making wearable art—textile and jewelry—that embodies spiritual meaning. She currently lives and works happily in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Rebloomed Design

Rebloomed Design was started in 2017 by Daisy May. Daisy describes her designs by saying, “I work to find unique ways to convert what already exists into something new. By working with secondhand textiles such as quilts, linens, and other everyday household materials, I create clothing that is nostalgic and gives the wearer a sense of comfort and content.”

Rebloomed on Etsy

Sarah Spomer

Sarah Spomer received an MFA from Texas Tech University and a BFA from IU Herron School of Art and Design. She is a recipient of Indiana’s 2021 On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator grant, and her work has been featured in several national and international exhibitions. She explores means of integrating textile, print, and drawing media to create distinct designs in metal. Her work embraces process and motion, using repetition and texture to convey beauty in chance.